Peter Strauss presenting Azimuthal Processing of a Conventionally Acquired Cooper Basin 3D Survey at the SA/NT ASEG May Meeting in Adelaide.



Peter Strauss at the February WA ASEG technical meeting in Perth describing the challenges of Legacy Seismic Data Re-Processing in a presentation called, Image improvements of poor quality legacy seismic data - a case study from the onshore Otway Basin, SA.




John Hughes presenting a talk Seismic Surveys and Marine Life: Positive Science and Track Record at the SA/NT ASEG June Meeting in Adelaide.


Read John Hughes' keynote speech to SEAPAX here.




Martin Novak presenting an industry talk at the SA/NT ASEG August Meeting in Adelaide.


Oil & Gas Review

Read AusGeos editorial in the Oil and Gas Review, here


WABS 2013

AusGeos WABS booth



AusGeos got together with Badleys Geoscience to host a booth at the 2013 WABS Conference and Exhibition. Peter Boult, Peter Strauss and Martin Novak showcased Australian exploration services, seismic processing and TrapTester software over the three day event in Perth.


APPEA 2014

ausgeos at appeaausgeos at appea


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